Welcome to Houston Council of Safety Professionals
Come join us for Co-Op Road Patrol, when we team up with Law Enforcement to make observation of trucks on our highways. We will meet Sept 9th at 7AM at Denny's, SH 225 and Richie, Pasadena, for breakfast before hitting the highways.

  By Laws
CVSA-OOS Criteria
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It shall be the objective of this organization to promote cooperative efforts for increased safety, efficiency and economy in all phases of highway transportation by commercial vehicles through:

  • Interchange of ideas and information.
  • Meetings for discussion.
  • Committee research.
  • Development and promotion of safety and personnel standards or codes.
  • Interaction with enforcement agencies.
  • Legislative bodies to provide assistance and input consistent with the organization.
  • Any other cooperative undertaking necessary for the accomplishment of the above stated purpose of the organization.
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