History of Chairpersons

2019-2020 Sharon McDougle

2018-2019 Jay Ferguson

2017-2018 Robert Blanco

2016-2017 Dan Danek
2015-2016 Lawrence Riley 
2014-2015 Michael Vix
2013-2014 Lonnie Bennett
2012-2013 Jill Comeaux
2011-2012 Tom Hartman
2010-2011 Angela Lam
2009-2010 Lisa Honeycutt
2008-2009 Steve Davis
2007-2008 Tim Magee
2006-2007 Stratton Williams
2005-2006 Chris McCarty
2004-2005 Tony Pomponio
2003-2004 Mike Honeycutt
2002-2003 Gilbert Ray
2001-2002 John Clausen
2001 Fran Summers
2000-2001 Doug Willis
1999-2000 Joe Colwell
1998-1999 Gus Pappas
1997-1998 David Mireles
1996-1997 Dwight E. Jennings
1995-1996 Marvin Reese
1995 Barbara Dean
1994 Leroy McMillan
1993-1994 T.C. Perrin
1992-1993 Randy Googins
1991-1992 B.L. Manry
1990-1991 Royce McIver
1989-1990 Joe Jenkins
1988-1989 Rob Lehnherr
1987-1988 Bill Durham
1986-1987 Mike Nowotny
1985-1986 Bill Anderson
1984-1985 Vernon Furlow
1983-1984 Jack Porter
1982-1983 Jack Corb
1981-1982 Glen Honeycutt
1980-1981 Rodney Nolan
1979-1980 Gilbert Ray
1978-1979 Ben Jones
1975-1976 Doris Doskocil
1974-1975 Arnold Hay
1973-1974 D.J. Horn
1972-1973 W.E. "Bill" Middleton
1971-1972 H.C. Sterling
1969-1970 Jack Oliver
1967-1968 Gilbert Ray
1965-1967 W.E. "Bill" Middleton
1964-1965 George Lanier
1963-1964 Willard Hale
1961-1963 Glen Best

Everyone has a certain responsibility to encourage safety among their fellowmen. That responsibility is greatly enhanced when it becomes your profession. By joining the group, you have aligned yourself with others who have chosen Safety as their profession. We not only accept the responsibility, we willingly share our training and experience with others. We hope you will participate and share your knowledge, training and experience with us. Whatever your contribution, it strengthens the group and the purpose for our existence.

Houston Council of Safety Professionals 

P. O. Box 5411
Houston, TX 77262-5211
Phone: 713-946-4000 ext.  244

Thank you Chairman

McDougle for your service

2019-2020 OFFICERS


David Mirales

Cell: 281-989-5073


1st Vice Chair 

Roger Krenek
Cell: 281-928-1255
email: rogerkrenek@yahoo.com

2nd Vice Chair

Geo Cuellar
Cell: 832-689-6721
email: geo@clarkfreight.com


Lonnie Bennett
Cell: 281-731-3222
email: lonnieb@naegelitransportion.com


Dylon Clark
Cell: 832-794-9970

email: dylonc@palletized-trucking.com


Alan Riddick

Cell: 409-457-3929
email: ariddick2161@gmail.com

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